7 Day

WEDNESDAY - Not a whole lot goin' on. Cloudy skies. Mid 30s. Boring, dull but dry. No rain. No snow.

THURSDAY - Looks like snow moves in early in the morning and lasts into early afternoon. Not a large potent system but could be enough to bring a few inches of snow. NOT a blizzard or major storm or anything like that. Chances are the farther south you go, the more likely seeing 3"+ of snow becomes. The questions is this: How far north can the wave of low pressure come? 

FRIDAY - Chance of snow still but looking at it being even farther south. This means we could be left with a few showers or even flurries far north. If that wave stays suppressed we avoid accumulating snow. So that needs to be watched as there is still wiggle room obviously. 

SATURDAY - Looks like a cloudy day with precip chances returning for the evening into Sunday  as a coastal low tries to get going. Ugh! With this one we'd be looking at some mixing concerns with flow off the ocean. Stay tuned! 

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