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Welcome to South Jersey KidCaster!

Do your kids have what it takes to do my job? Show off their skills by entering this friendly competition.


I got my start two decades ago when I won a contest similar to this for CBS-3 in Philadelphia and I want to "pay it forward" to maybe inspire some South Jersey kids to get into my field! There are a few simple rules.

1. Kids must be 12 or under.

2. Video clips must be 30 seconds or less

3. Kids must say their name and why they want to win before the forecast

4. Kids must live in one of the 8 South Jersey counties

5. Video should be posted on parent's social media with @noreasternick tagged so I can see. In addition use #sjkidcaster so videos can be tracked

6. Enter the form below 

7. Download my FREE weather app (norcast weather) and "share your pic" of your child doing the weather forecast (in-app)

Good Luck to All! I will be picking 3 finalists. All 3 will be shared on my page but the lucky winner will do my 7PM forecast with my LIVE via Skype. Deadline to enter is June 15th.

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