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7 Day Forecast: Cold Eases, Watching Storm For Saturday

Wednesday - Another bright day. Not as cold, at least not a harsh cold day! Lower 40s for most. Light breeze.

Thursday - It feels better! Perhaps not as bright as clouds make an appearance, but it will feel comfortable in comparison to what we've had.

Friday - A nice day! Clouds and sun mix. Temps get to around 50, no issues. We become overcast by nightfall.

Saturday - Two pieces of energy will combine right over us allowing for an ugly day. Sure we get to 50 but look for periods of rain, especially for the first part of the day. Winds will gust to around 30-40mph off the ocean which concerns be a little for tidal flooding. Track will dictate how much the tides are impacted but keep the potential on your mind. We will watch it through the week!