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7 Day Forecast: Pattern Change Imminent, Starting with Storm?

Tuesday - Cloudy with some scattered showers. Not an all day washout, but you'll need an umbrella on and off. Cool, but still above average in the upper 40s.

Wednesday - Partly sunny and pleasant! Low to mid 50s. Clouds increase late day.

Thursday - A passing shower or two possible.

Friday - Cold and January-like for a change! Clouds move in late at night in anticipation for a system that gets here on Saturday.

Saturday - Snow to start, perhaps into the afternoon then a flip to a mix and eventually rain. I'm still struggling over that 51 high. I think by tomorrow given the latest model trends, I will bring it down a bit. Lots of questions about this system. If we DO get that warm, it will be LATE in the day.

Pattern change heading our way by Sunday!

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