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7 Day Forecast: Quick Moving Storm Saturday, Then Taste of Spring?

Thursday - Clouds will gradually increase through the day. Lower 40s. Feeling like Winter for sure! No rain, but we re-establish the "blah" conditions.

Friday - Clouds with some sun. Mid to upper 40s.

Saturday - A quick moving storm off shore will bring some rain/maybe a little snow. Won't amount to much. Looks like the center will be far enough to the east where we don't have to worry about any big impact. Timing of the storm will determine what type of precip we start with. Early in the morning arrival means best chance for a wintry mix. Later in the AM, rain.

Sunday - Will Phil see his shadow? If he does it's 6 more weeks of Winter... hmmm doesn't really give me hope since Winter never really showed up yet.

Big warm up is in store next week!