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B.M.E. Index is BACK! South Jersey is in LEVEL 1

Since the Weather Channel names storms and others come up with scary terms like BOMB CYCLONE... I figured I would start rating storms on a Bread Milk and Egg Index. I released it last year and I'm bringing it back for this year!

SE OF HAMMONTON: LEVEL 1 (At this time I'm anticipating MOSTLY RAIN)

NW OF HAMMONTON: LEVEL 2 (There could be areas that pick up 2" but right now I'm not seeing more than that. The 4" would be closer to Trenton)

CENTRAL JERSEY: LEVEL 3 Some accumulating snow likely. This is where you could see 4". Through New Brunswick, Edison etc.

NORTH JERSEY: LEVEL 4 FRENCH TOAST FREAK-OUT! This is where I expect MOST of the snow. North of New Brunswick.

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