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Big Time Wind Storm For Christmas Eve; Gusts to 60mph Possible

Ugh. That's all I can even say at this point. 2020 keeps on giving us things we don't want. 2020 has also been the year of wind. We've had several powerful wind events that have left the region with trees down and without power on numerous occasions. From strong thunderstorms this Summer or direct impact Tropical Storms to strong areas of low pressure, the outcome has always been the same.

We've got a strong storm that will approach our region on Thursday afternoon. The setup is very familiar. The actual center of low pressure misses us well north and west but the front associated with it, will not. The DIFFERENCE in pressure between the storm, which will have a pressure in the 980s (the lower the pressure is under 990mb, the stronger and more significant the storm is) and the departing area of HIGH pressure off to the east will place us in one of those infamous pressure gradients.

See those black lines? Those are isobars. The closer they are together, the stronger the wind is. As the high moves off to the east by Thursday morning we will see south winds pick up at about 15-25mph. Later in the day our surface map will likely look like this:

The front is out to the west of our region and the winds really start to howl. Gusts late afternoon will get into the 40-50mph range. The tighter the gradient gets, the more wind we will see.

Here's how things look at 5k feet above our heads in the low level jet. Ripping by at around 100mph.

This is some serious wind. Not ALL of it gets translated to the surface but if even 60% makes it down we are looking at max gusts in the 60-70mph range. This would be later Thursday night.

As the front moves to the east with the heavy rain, colder air will work in on the back end some SNOW is possible and even a flash freeze IF quick enough.

This is something we need to watch CLOSELY. Stay tuned for more info.

Brought to you by the ACUA. During this challenging year, our community needs more help than ever and the Atlantic County Utilities Authority is proud to continue its annual Holiday Food Drive. ACUA employees will collect donations of canned goods and other nonperishable food items on your recycling day between December 7 and 18. Use any bag for canned food items and place them at the curb next to your recycling. Your donation will be distributed by the Community Foodbank of New Jersey Southern Branch in Egg Harbor Township. For more information visit Visit the web page for the food drive here:


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