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Brief Shot of Wintry Weather Tuesday?

Right off the bat I will start this off with "No, this will not be a major deal"... It's also not a surprise. Believe it or not this signature started showing up on our guidance over a week ago. It has evolved from a warm, rain event to a colder, potentially snowier solution over time. The "trend" has been to bring at least some light wintry weather to our backyards.

Most of your Tuesday is dry. Clouds start moving back in throughout the morning. Mid afternoon is when we see the precip move across Delmarva into South Jersey. Likely a mix/rain first and then a flip to snow after sunset? Here's what radar could look like around 4pm-ish. I like the position of the low. It's in a "decent" spot... but it's going to be so progressive it won't have much time to deepen and phase... missed opportunity.

One thing I want to point out is there air at about 5k feet above our heads is COLD! For the development of snow you want about 2 below 0. We are solidly there by late day:

Surface temps? Marginal. This will be the third storm this season under such conditions. This means that UNLESS there dynamic cooling, you won't really see it pile up on streets. Grass and hard surfaces will see any minor accumulations first, then as the temps come down we could see it on the roads later... especially side streets and untreated surfaces.

How long this system can hang around will determine if we see snow on the streets too. If, as modeled, it is out just after midnight, the impact will be uneventful.

Potential Snowfall Totals: Anywhere from a coating to a couple inches (worst case). Varying forecast models' snowfall maps included below

If one is warranted, I'll post my forecast snow map by tonight.

The bigger news? The coming TORCH for this weekend. Mid to upper 60s for some? Wow!

But of course, it comes with some wet weather