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Concern Builds For High-Impact Hurricane Season

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I'll start off with a short video explaining how hurricanes form:

To be perfectly clear, this is my LEAST favorite forecast to put together each and every year. Why? Because of the destruction that can be had at the hands of a tropical storm or hurricane. Sandy was 8 years ago, but the imagines remain etched in our minds forever. I will never forget what I saw, and THAT was from a strong tropical storm/weak category 1 hurricane. Imagine what would happen if a stronger storm impacted our coast? It's bound to happen. That's the scary part. Nothing I say or do is ever meant to sensationalize or incite fear. Nothing. That's not how I operate, but I must stress the importance of having a plan in place so you and your family are on the same page.

There is historical precedent for strong hurricanes brushing by or making direct impact to our region. One of the worst? Back in 1821. The "Norfolk and Long Island" hurricane (this was back before they had official names given by NOAA, obviously, is recorded to be one of the few category 4 storms to make it this far north. We can't really confirm exact intensity, but records exist to show sustained winds in some spots along the Jersey shore at over 135mph. In 1821, there weren't many people living in our area, nor tens of billions of dollars in real estate built up along the ocean's edge. The Great Hurricane of 1903 is recorded as both a Category 3 and 4 storm. Again, with the lack of technology, discrepancies exist. That storm destroyed the railroa