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Final Thoughts For Saturday: Still No Big Deal, Yet Another Nuisance Event

"Soccer Mom with 5 Kids" Summary:

- Quick bout of snow possible between 10am and 2pm on Saturday

- Flip to rain happens after 2pm from south to north. Shore will see a fast transition.

- Minor accumulations possible throughout Salem, Gloucester & Camden counties, but I'm not bullish.

- System wraps up and is out by later Sat night

No changes since Tuesday. This will NOT be a big thing for us at all. Position of the low is horrible (too far north) and moisture looks limited. Hammonton, southeast? A trace if you're lucky. Philly metro area a coating to a couple slushy inches. I'm leaving that higher end potential in the forecast JUST in case there IS enough moisture in the area.

Accumulations should look like this:

Best chance of any "real" accumulating snow will be in NWNJ.

The 3 major forecast models are look at are painting this picture:

GFS: Colder, Wetter - Overdone

NAM: Lack of Precip

EURO: Most Likely

We ARE cold enough for snow at the onset...

Roads will be cold after tonight and tomorrow so sticking can occur. Minor road issues can't be ruled out.

Be safe and stay tuned for more updates!