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Messy Monday with Strong Winds, Heavy Rain & Potential Severe Weather

Certainly not the way we want to kick off the new work and school week - all. Rain is gradually moving northeast across Delmarva into South Jersey. Over the next several hours it will start to pick up in intensity and for 3-4 hours we could be dealing with a blinding wind-driven rain, especially at the coast.

Here is where we are at roughly 6AM:

Notice all the heavy rain yet to come still positioned to the southwest. That will be riding through up until about Lunch. It won't rain for everyone all day. That was never going to be the case. Some lingering spotty storms AFTER lunch are still possible though.

What radar should look like at 9AM:

at 10AM

at 11AM:

at Lunch:

Winds remain our primary concern. Widespread 40-50mph region-wide likely. I'm keeping the chance for 60mph gusts in the cards because I believe there will be some isolated VERY strong gusts, especially along the coast...less friction. It will also come down to IF and WHERE thunderstorms develop. Wind direction is SOUTHEAST.

Here's a look at potential gusts by late morning:

The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded the risk of severe weather from Marginal yesterday to Slight today. With that, we've also upped our chances of seeing damaging winds from 5% to 15% and tornadic thunderstorms from 2% to 5%. I'm not saying there will be a widespread tornado outbreak but the dynamics are in place for some spin-ups later.

On the tidal flooding front, we've got a Coastal Flood Advisory for Cape May, Cumberland and Salem counties. Looks like we come CLOSE to minor tidal flooding in Atlantic City, but most likely stay JUST below the threshold. Solid minor in Cape May / Wildwoods and approaching moderate for the Bayshore side of Cumberland county.

Things get better late afternoon, we dry out for tonight and turn chilly. Be safe and secure those decorations!

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