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Nor'Easter Moves in Overnight, Rain & Wind Out by Lunch Saturday

Right off the bat, let me just put out there that this storm will NOT be a repeat of what we saw on Monday. No severe weather. No extreme winds. No tidal flooding. Now that all that stuff is out of the way early on, let's focus on what we WILL see and the timing of it all.

Here's where we are right now:

The storm is still organizing itself down to the south and west of our region. The heavy rain isn't here yet. It holds off until about midnight.

Here's what radar should look like as we are all getting ready to sleep:




Now THAT is a change from just a couple days ago. Originally it looked as though most of Saturday would be rainy. I can confidently say that will NOT be the case. In fact, if we are lucky and the storm pulls away as expected? We could see some sun for the afternoon. Fingers crossed!

What are we looking at in terms of rainfall? Generally 1-2". IF heavier banding sets up, you could push 3" in those areas impacted. More rain the closer to the coast you get. I think this model does a decent job of outlining potential rainfall. It aligns with my thoughts pretty well.

Now let's talk winds. The strongest will miss us to the east over the ocean. It DOES look like 40-50mph gusts are possible by daybreak along the coast with 30-40mph gusts on the mainland. Winds will be northeast to eventually northwest as the storm starts to pull away.

So Saturday afternoon should shape up better...Sunday is an OK day too. Chilly, breezy.

Monday gets interesting. I'm leaning AGAINST the idea of snow but there IS a small storm that looks to be pressed to the south of our region. IF this were to correct northwest over time, some snow showers could sneak into our region. It's something I'll totally keep an eye on obviously through the weekend.

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