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Quick Shot of Snow Tuesday Night

No big changes in my thinking since this afternoon's update... figured I'd give the quick "soccer mom with 5 kids" report

TIMING: 3pm-12am

It will start as rain after 2pm and transition slowly to a mix and eventually snow for all sometime around dinner. Any accumulating snow will come after sundown.

TOTALS: Coating - 2"

Not a major deal at all... some will walk away with nothing, others could pick up 2". It's all about LOCATION and how quickly the transition can occur.


Meaning lower 30s, above freezing for the most part. This means snow will have a hard time sticking to roads, but eventually will, especially on untreated surfaces. It will start to pile up on grass and hard surfaces first.

BREAD, MILK & EGG INDEX (BME): Level 1. No need to panic.

Snowfall Map:

Just because I've outlined an area in 1-2" doesn't mean you WILL get that, I'm just saying that IF there is anywhere that DOES see these "higher amounts" it is most likely in that region I outlined.

Potential Radar:

There is a NARROW window for snow to accumulate and THAT is why I'm not leaning on the higher side.

We've got COLD AIR aloft. If that can make it down to the surface sooner, we will see the snow start to accumulate sooner. We are now in a "nowcasting" situation. Stay tuned for updates in the morning!


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