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Record Warmth Coming...Weekend NOT a Washout!

It doesn't happen a WHOLE lot, but we are getting in on some very warm temps without the threat of all day rain! Make those plans to be outside, NOW!!! If you don't plan on enjoying some fun in the sun, I'm coming to your house and pulling you out! Then you're paying for lunch.

No surprise here weather lord knows - we've been talking about it for a week. It looks like the initial gut feeling will play out to be true thanks to the "blow torch" pattern setting up for a few days. Records will be broken on Saturday, I'm 1000% confident of that. Sunday will be a little harder to do, as the record is warmer at 68, but can't rule it out.

For those freaking out about the warmth - CHILL! <-- appropriate term, right? It happens. Maybe not ALL the time but there is absolutely precedent for it. Nothing new here. While we may break records, it just means that we could break the DAILY record... that's all. Here's a look at # of 60s by decade:

Heck, we've even had 70s in January!

Anyway... here's what we are looking at for the next few days:

I think tomorrow we have the chance to get into the mid and upper 50s. Official forecast is for lower 50s BUT if we can fend off the clouds for even a brief period of time, the sun will shine through and allow for temps to get warmer. This is a look at cloud cover tomorrow... most of it will be high thin clouds, especially in the afternoon. Kinda a "filtered" sunshine...

Saturday is warmer with a stronger southerly flow. Temperature profile:

And potential cloud cover:

I'm holding onto the idea that if the clouds can break enough, we could soar to near 70.

The day is dry. Sure, a passing shower may find itself in our backyard but nothing crazy. The majority of the wet weather stays WELL west.

Sunday is another day. Better chance of a quick moving line of showers and storms. It won't linger and conditions will improve for the afternoon.

Looks like temps will STAY above average into next week but I think a change is afoot for later in the month ;)

A little teaser for you snow lovers... THIS is a GOOD sign. Complete explanation of what this means coming up a little later.