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South Jersey 7 Day: Below Average Temps Return

Thanksgiving - Chilly and blustery! We get into the lower 50s but it will FEEL colder. Gusts to 40mph possible. Some PM clouds will work down from the northwest.

Black Friday - Cold but bright. Still breezy, not AS windy. Decent.

Saturday - Skies start to cloud up later in the day, perhaps some evening rain.

Sunday - If the precip can get here soon enough, there could very well be a wintry mix at the onset. Looks like temps will get into the upper 40s through the day meaning plain old boring rain... some of that rain will be heavy. Now the question is this: Can a coastal low develop that can create its OWN cold air for some snow late Sun into Monday? That will be answered (hopefully) tomorrow afternoon. Something we will continue to watch closely!