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Spring-Like Weekend, Could Close in on 70!

I say it all the time - if it's not gonna snow, give me warm & comfy weather. I don't think MANY will disagree. Well... looks like we will have that come to fruition this weekend. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Now - I know your phone app PROBABLY says rain... and yes, there WILL be some scattered showers but the majority of the weekend should be dry. IN FACT, some SUN could be seen on Saturday afternoon and it's because of that that I believe some could get to 70. Maybe not for everyone, but the possibility is on the table.

Why is this happening? Pattern. See that area of yellow off the southeast US? That is the southeast ridge that has been DESTROYING Winter this year. This is pushing the jet stream WELL to our north into Canada which in-turn brings a much warmer flow of air. Combine that with an approaching storm (blue appendage over the mid-west) and spring-like winds will filter in our of the southwest.

This has been the case ALL season long with the storm track. As long as that ridge is in-place, the storms can't track anywhere else, so they go into the Great Lakes and place us in the warm sector. Look at all the blue in the west! Cold and snow is locked in out there...

Here's what our map looks like on Friday:

The southwest flow starts kicking in. We should get into the middle 50s for some. Clouds increase but the real organized rain stays out to our west. Scattered showers are possible on Saturday, but again, nothing big. Certainly no washout.

Early Sunday:

Cold front slams through, can't rule out some THUNDERSTORMS! Could be a line of gusty storms that rolls in in the morning. After front departs, temps will come down by the afternoon... but we warm up again as another storm system eyes up the region early next week.

Temps on Saturday:

Mid 60s locked in? As I said above, IF we can get a period of SUN through the afternoon I believe there will be some 70s out there.

Temps on Sunday:

These are EARLY morning highs... warmth is squeezed out ahead of the front. Probably down into the lower 50s by lunchtime.

We are in good company! Huge toasty pattern for the entire East coast!

Going Forward:

FINALLY some hints of the pattern breaking around Day 15...