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Storm # 3 To Bring Snow/Mix/Rain Monday

We've been incredibly active over the past 10 days... tomorrow's storm will mark the 3rd event in just a week! Every couple days we've got something coming through. I talked about this thing for tomorrow briefly yesterday so there are no surprises here.

Will this be a major thing? No. Not at all. But there WILL be some wintry precip across the region. It will likely break out early tomorrow morning. We've got some cold air locked in which will help bring some snow before the flip to a mix and eventually rain occurs.

Here's what radar should look like at 9AM:

And at 10AM

While some snow is possible for EVERYONE, I believe the best CHANCE of seeing snow fall from the sky is west of the Parkway, specifically west of Hammonton. IF there are any travel impacts, they will be over Camden, Gloucester, NW Burlington and Mercer counties after 7am.

Temperatures at 5k feet support the development of snow:

You want to see these numbers below freezing... since everything in meteorology is based on the metric scale, what you're looking at is a chart showing degrees celcius. Below 0 would be below 32. I actually like the metric system better for this season. It MAKES SENSE.

Temps at the surface:

Another event where these numbers are marginal. Just north of freezing. This isn't conducive for any type of real accumulations.

Later in the day we see those 5k foot temps warm up a bit. This means that the flip to rain will occur as a result

Radar a little later in the day:

Radar fills in with rain. I'm concerned about late day wintry mix / ice mainly north of our region. North of Trenton into the New York metro area as the warmth and cold battle it out. Could pick up 1/10th to 1/4th of an inch of ice in spots.

Snowfall thoughts? Generally a coating to maybe an inch in the extreme case if it over-performs. That's all. Here's a look at the snowfall forecast on various models.




All three major models are showing a very similar solution. VERY little snow, but just enough to be a nuisance, perhaps enough to reduce visibility in the morning and create some slippery conditions for some.

Stay tuned! I'll have video updates on all of this in just a bit... and don't forget to download my FREE weather app! Simply search NorEasterNick in your apple to google play store!


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