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Unless Already on List, Hold Off on Bread, Milk & Eggs Run

Thinking has NOT changed since this morning's update, which is good. It means that we're locked onto a forecast. I don't need to get into an extensive analysis because we've been through that. So for this one, you just get some bullet points :)

- Rain moves in by tomorrow morning.

- Wintry mix possible for some, north and west of Hammonton. MAYBE some sleet pellets southeast...MAYBE.

- Warm air overrides the system and transitions all precip over to RAIN for all through the day.

- 3/4-1 1/2" of rain possible. Some embedded areas of downpours are possible.

- Rain wraps up late Sunday afternoon/early evening.

- Coastal low takes shape and pulls cold air down from the northwest.

- Any leftover rain will transition to snow, perhaps a band even working through South Jersey by midday Monday.

- Accumulations will be on the minor side, IF any. Best chance of a coating to a couple inches will be Western Gloucester, Camden, Burlington counties. Much more potential points north. Central Jersey could end up with 2-4" and North Jersey 4-8". I just don't completely buy the 8"+ amounts being forecast up there.

Storm is totally out by late Monday evening and dries up by Tuesday morning. Cold temps in store all week.

So point blank... this will not be a major deal for South Jersey. SOME snow possible, but nothing worth writing home about. I'll continue to monitor and update you if there are any significant changes.

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