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Winds Roar to 45mph+ For Some, Cold For Turkey Day!

Oh boy. Here we go again! Is it just me or has it been REALLY windy over the past few months. It feels as though every other week we are dealing with strong winds for one reason or another. This time we've got a strong storm missing us to the northwest. As it continues to intensify, the isobars (lines of equal pressure) come together and create a wind tunnel effect.

Here's a look at what is going on in the lower level jet.

Those winds are absolutely ROARING at 5k feet above our heads. The question is... can that translate to the surface? If it can, there WILL be gusts over 50mph along the coast. Now, those winds are out of the NORTHWEST which is GOOD. No tidal flooding with this event. Highest winds occur between 9pm and about 4am. It will feel FRIGID overnight. We wake up to wind chills in the 20s.

We've got a Wind Advisory in effect until tomorrow at 6pm. I wouldn't be totally shocked to see it upgraded to a warning along the coast. We will watch it closely.

Here's a look at potential wind gusts tonight:

And gusts tomorrow during the parades:

I know there are some of you concerned that the parades will be canceled. I don't see that happening. Last year was actually WINDIER and COLDER. They'll make the call in the morning, but I think for the most part it's good to go.

LOOK at these wind chills early tomorrow morning. Bundle up... LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS... Brrrrrr!!!!

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