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"Winter" Comes in with a Fury! Ice, Rain & Snow for Some?

Meteorological Winter begins on Sunday... and guess what? Our first Winter storm of the season will accompany its arrival! Now, I'm not anticipating a big snow event for much of OUR viewing area, but there could very well be some accumulating snow closer to Philadelphia, north and west of Hammonton.

This is my INITIAL thoughts map.

Sleet/Wintry mix moves into the Philly Metro area early Sunday morning and will continue to push north into North Jersey by late morning. Warm air wins out and the transition to rain happens before lunch. It rains on and off through the evening. Low pressure develops off-shore and starts to pull down cold air by Monday morning. Snow showers (moderate in North Jersey) possible through the day. Storm wraps up and is gone by Tuesday morning.

If you're coming here wanting to know "how much in (insert town)", you're going to be disappointed. I won't know that until tonight or tomorrow morning at the earliest. Why? This is what we call a "Miller B" type storm. It is dependent on the transfer of energy from one storm to another. HIGH BUST potential in one way or the other. The thing I'm most certain about is this: MOST of South Jersey will see mainly rain but there is SOME potential for portions of our region.

Stay tuned! And don't forget you can track the weather on your own by downloading my FREE weather app! Simply search noreasternick in your apple or android store... hourly forecasts and LIVE radar. Cool stuff!!


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