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Winter Episode II: Return of the Snow Miser?

It's like we are in a pan fryin' away... especially come this weekend. WOW! Just LOOK at these numbers. It doesn't get much warmer than this for this time of year. Incredible. Not unprecedented, because it has happened in the past, but still incredible that there are some that will be 20+ above normal by tomorrow. Could we POSSIBLY reverse course from imminent disaster this Winter? And by that I mean a warm and snow-less season... The answer is actually, YES!

Call me stubborn or stupid... I haven't figured out which one it is yet, but I am NOT throwing in the towel on Winter. I've talked about this multiple times because I'm hopeful that the slight changes I see playing out in the near-future could blossom into something a bit more interesting for snow and winter weather lovers.

The first sign? The Madden Julian Oscillation. It has been in a HORRIBLE position for cold since mid December. I don't w